Currently working at Film Victoria, Meredith supports the games industry locally and internationally to encourage learning, provide support systems, and create positive change in the challenges faced by independent developers. She encourages indies to focus on their business structures and strategies, marketing plans and targets, inclusivity in content and in team and to think critically about how to create great games without damaging the business, end user, or team in the process. She works on strategy, forward-planning, research, growth areas and more in her work with Film Victoria, supporting developers to develop, release, seek funding or publishing and more on their titles.

Outside of her work at Film Victoria, Meredith is a co-founder for Accessibility Unlocked, an Australian and New Zealand initiative to provide disabled developers working in game development with resources, connections, and support. She is also providing marketing and production consulting on some international projects, including HoloVista, the debut game from San Francisco based studio Aconite. 


Meredith is an award winning producer, having worked at Ultimerse on Paperville Panic. Paperville Panic was voted one of the top seven Australian indie games in 2017 by Kotaku AU - the only Early Access/VR game to be recognised and was later voted best Australian game of 2018, just prior to Meredith moving to Film Victoria. The renamed arcade edition, containing the first two levels of the game won Best AR/VR Title at the 2019 Australian Game Developer Awards.

Meredith is dedicated towards contributing towards positive studio culture around the world through encouraging creation of games in ethical, exciting, supportive environments.​

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