Meredith was hired as the Marketing and PR Lead for Ultimerse and 7-YM. Within two months, she was focused entirely on Ultimerse and had become the Producer for the team.


Meredith wrote and executed the marketing plan for the business, created the company web page and socials and managed the mailing lists for both press and fans. She was responsible for cutting and editing multiple promotional videos for the business - some for the game as teasers, other as event retrospectives.


Meredith created the style guide alongside the digital art team, press kit for the game and business and worked alongside the Creative Director to build the business in a way that would grow the team and the games industry as a whole.  She planned and executed showing at multiple events, including Telstra Symposium, through to PAX in Melbourne and Boston, to Gamescom in Germany. 

She managed merchandising and branding, multiple online portfolios such as IndieDB, the development blog for the company,  Steam development page, and appeared on multiple podcasts or spoke at events on Ultimerses' behalf to promote the game and business. 

She was responsible for engaging with stakeholders both internal and external, potential clients, grant submissions, pitch deck creation and pitch meetings, company road map discussions and overall business development over the course of her time at Ultimerse. She continues to consult and provide advice to developers on strengthening, exploring, and creating their business, production and marketing plans before, during, and throughout their development cycles.