A screaming milk container has fire on its head, with the word Paperville to the left and Panic to the right.

Paperville is proof that anyone has what it takes to be a hero, as long as safety and saving lives aren’t priorities.

Guided by a less-than-stellar fire department, you must help restore Paperville to it’s former papery glory. From clearing building fires, rescuing citizens from rubble, hacking through doors, to dealing with townsfolk and their personal issues, Rookie does it all.

Meredith was hired as the Marketing and PR Lead for Ultimerse and 7-YM in June of 2017.

Within two months, she was focused entirely on Ultimerse and had become the Producer for the team.


Meredith continued to manage all social media presence and execute the marketing plan alongside creation of copy online, steam store creation and management, community management, narrative design, production timelines, scrums, retros, and sprints. She was heavily involved in the establishing of positive team culture, business development, team management, professional development program, and frequent one on one team development.

Paperville Panic was released in ten months from pre-production to full release, including six full missions, fully voice acted narrative, across Vive, Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. It was created in a strict no-crunch environment and was voted one of the top 10 Australian games of 2017, going on to win an Australian Game Developer Award in 2019 for its Arcade Edition (the first two levels of the game) in 2019 for best AR/VR.

It received over 1 million YouTube views, a combined 12m+ views on written articles across websites like Kotaku, CNET and VR focused media, 500,000+ views and only game to be named in PAX Channel 10 Segment in 2017, with a focus on organic growth spearheaded by multiple unpaid social campaigns. She left the company in October 2018.


"There is nothing to dislike about Paperville Panic.”

The VR Base


"Without a doubt, Paperville Panic is shaping up to be a polished and explosively entertaining title.”

VR The Gamers

The official Paperville Panic trailer, cut together by Meredith alongside music and SFX from Gavin Parker.