Below you can find an assortment of major projects & organisations I am or have been involved with. 


I'm currently consulting for a number of teams on a number of titles, as well as some top secret stuff. Below are the things I can talk about.

If you'd like to work together, please get in touch and we can discuss availability and opportunites. 

Summerfall Studios

Marketing Director
2022 - ongoing

My work with the Summerfall Studios team is operating as Marketing Director, including managing strategy, coordinating PR, event, campaign endeavours and more, and working with the team and stakeholders on content and execution.

You can find out more about Summerfall Studios here.


My work with the Strange Scaffold team revolves around preparing & consulting across production strategy, business objectives, as well as running production for a number of titles.

You can find out more about Strange Scaffold here.

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Strange Scaffold

lead producer
2021 - ongoing

My work with the Aconite team revolves around preparing & consulting across marketing, accessibility, production strategy and business objectives, as well as running production for debut title HoloVista. HoloVista won an Apple Design Award for inclusivity, as well as multiple awards & nominations, including Mobile GOTY.

You can find out more about HoloVista here.


lead producer
communications director
2019 - ongoing


Previously & Ongoing

Film Victoria

games & digital content officer
2018 - 2021

My work at Film Victoria revolved around supporting and advising developers and industry on creation, release, stakeholder/funding relationships and more as they develop their titles and go to market. This included creating, monitoring, administering and amending programs, research and strategy work, and stakeholder engagement.

You can see more about Film Victoria here.


a conversation

sole developer, 2021

'a conversation' is a short narrative game about the way in which chronic illness is considered through metaphor and concepts rather than logic, due to the illogical nature of long term illness.

This micro-game was created for AccessJam2021.

You can play 'a conversation' here.

A conversation gif.gif

middle of the hill

sole developer, 2020

'middle of the hill' is an exploratory set of vignettes about growing up in the Australian hills, playable as interactive fiction. 'middle of the hill' was nominated for 'Excellence in Narrative' and the 'Microgame Award' at the 2020 Freeplay Awards.

You can play middle of the hill here.


The Unkindness

sole developer, 2020

'The Unkindness' is a short narrative game about the complexities of emotions associated with chronic illness and the constant growth undertaken.

This initial version was created in a month long game jam called AccessJam2020, an Accessibility Unlocked initiative.

You can play The Unkindness here.


Accessibility Unlocked

co-founder, 2018 - ongoing

Accessibility Unlocked is an Australian and New Zealand initiative to provide disabled developers with resources, connections, and support. They provide scholarships to some events, run events, and co-ordinate with industry on what they need.

You can view Accessibility Unlocked here.


Paperville Panic

marketer/producer 2017-18

Paperville Panic (now known as Paper Fire Rookie) is a tongue-in-cheek firefighting sim  available on all major VR platforms. It won an Australian Game Developer Award in 2019 for best AR/VR, shipped in a little over a year & garnered millions of  impressions across CNET, Kotaku and more.

You can find out more about PFR here.



creator, 2018 - ongoing

r/GameProduction is a user created subreddit for the sole purpose of sharing and highlighting the voices, resources, and hard work of game development roles that are often underappreciated, ignored, or unseen.

You can see the subreddit here.